SCIX Token

The Scientix team believes in the values of fair launch. So 100% of the tokens will be obtained by staking certain tokens and liquidity pool tokens in the Staking Pools contract.
  • The Scientix team has access to an exclusive staking pool, which will receive 25% of the SCIX block reward.
  • 15% of SCIX tokens are reserved for future strategic expenses. These include listing fees, audits, third-party services, liquidity for partnerships, etc.
    • 1% of the SCIX tokens will be the incentives of 5 multi-sig cosigners which will be the initial governance DAO until fully on-chain governance is ready.
    • 2% of the first year SCIX supply will be mint at the launch time as the funding of initial liquidity provisioning, auditing fees, early development, marketing, hiring and etc.
  • ALPACA token holders have access to an exclusive staking pool, which will receive 5% of the SCIX block reward.
  • Stakers and liquidity providers are eligible to obtain 55% of the SCIX block reward.

🥤 What is the SCIX token used for?


SCIX Tokens give holders governance rights over the direction of the protocol and use of the treasury.
The Scientix DAO will begin as a developer multisig (2 votes from ALPACA, 2 votes from Scientix, one vote from independent signer) with signaling through the Snapshot app. It will transition into a feature complete DAO.


33% of SCIX tokens are for SCIX/BUSD PancakeSwap LP tokens' farming. This pair will provide a liquid market for SCIX tokens.
11% of SCIX tokens are for SCIX tokens' farming. This pool is to reward those SCIX holders who may not be able to join the SCIX/BUSD pool because of too much risk. The lifetime of this pool will be determined by the community.

Capture Economic Benefits of the Platform

10% of ALPACA yields will be transferred to the treasury. All of them will be distributed to stakers of SCIX.