Transmute to BUSD.

You can stake scUSD to Transmute pool. Your staked scUSD will gradually be converted to BUSD over time. The ALPACA yield will pay for this.

  • Stake the scUSD

    • Input the amount and click the Stake button.

    • Confirm the transaction.

  • Transmute

    It will convert your scUSD to BUSD according to the Total BUSD Available for Transmutation.

    • Click the Transmute or Transmute & Exit button. The difference between these is that if you click the Transmute & Exit button will unstake your scUSD which is not transmuted.

    • Confirm the transaction.

  • Unstake

    Unstake your scUSD which is not converted.

    • Click the Unstake button.

    • Confirm the transaction.

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