Staking Pools

At launch, there will be four pools:
  • One for ibALPACA
  • One for SCIX
  • One for scUSD/BUSD PancakeSwap LP token
  • One for SCIX/BUSD PancakeSwap LP token
The following determines the initial weight and the rationale of each:
  • 11% of SCIX tokens are for scUSD/BUSD PancakeSwap LP tokens. It is important to establish a peg as close as possible to the US dollar and provide deep liquidity for scUSD. Doing so will provide real utility to scUSD, as it can be easily converted to BUSD with low slippage, thereby increasing yield farming income.
  • 33% of SCIX tokens are for SCIX/BUSD PancakeSwap LP tokens. This pair will provide a liquid market for SCIX tokens.
  • 11% of SCIX tokens are for SCIX tokens. This pool is to reward those SCIX holders who may not be able to join the SCIX/BUSD pool because of too much risk.
  • 5% of SCIX tokens are for ibALPACA tokens. ibALPACA token holders have access to an exclusive staking pool.
As Scientix brings more scientific synthetic tokens to the market, these pools and their weights will be adjusted. The priority will be to motivate the synthetic pair with their base asset.