Scientix Finance

Scientix is a future-yield-backed synthetic asset platform on Binance Smart Chain. Scientix is a self-repaying loan, no liquidation. Scientix provides users advances on yield farming through a synthetic token that represents a fungible claim on any underlying collateral.
The underlying yield generating vault of Scientix is Alpaca, to incentive the Alpaca community to join, ALPACA stakers will receive 5% of the Scientix token (SCIX) supply.
Scientix Protocol has the functionalities: depositing BUSD to borrow scUSD, transmuting scUSD to BUSD, liquidation, staking, etc. The initial kind of collateral Scientix supports is BUSD. In the future, it may support other assets as well.
Scientix Protocol makes single-asset yield farming more efficient. It gives users a flexible line of credit for their future yield. Users can enter and exit anytime without committing to long lockups.