Updated 10/21/2021
Below, you’ll find Scientix’s roadmap. It is updated continuously. The most important goal is launching Scientix successfully now.

Q3 2021

  • Complete audits
  • Partnership with Alpaca
  • BUSD vault
  • Farming
  • Governance vault veSCIX
  • Fair launch SCIX token
  • Launch Scientix.Finance
  • Transmuter

Q4 2021

  • List scUSD on DEXs with lower price impact
  • Integrate support for additional web and mobile wallets
  • Partner with more protocols to utilize scUSD
  • Allow borrowing more currencies such as scUSDT
  • Auto-Compounding
  • Implement Governance
  • CEX listings

Q1 2022

  • Allow borrowing more currencies such as scBNB
  • Build additional Dapps to expand the ecosystem
  • More CEX listings
  • Multi-chain
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