Earn SCIX via staking.

There are four pools on the farm: PancakeSwap SCIX/BUSD LP, PancakeSwap scUSD/BUSD LP, SCIX, and ibALPACA. You can stake these tokens and earn the SCIX rewards.

You can add liquidity by opening the modals of SCIX/BUSD LP pool or scUSD/BUSD pool, and click the Add Liquidity on Pancake button.

You can stake the tokens that the pool needs and get SCIX rewards.

You can claim SCIX rewards at any time.

SCIX pool is different from the other pools. You need to lock SCIX to get the rewards.

The lock period can't be modified except extended. There is only one lock period for the same wallet address. If you want to lock SCIX in different lock periods, you need more wallet addresses to do this.

The rewards for SCIX pool include two parts: SCIX emission and 100% of the Scientix Protocol fee (10% of ALPACA vault yield).

You can Add SCIX or Extend Lock when your lock is not expired. After expired, you can Withdraw your SCIX.

veSCIX=SCIXβˆ—LockTime/MaxLockTimeveSCIX = SCIX * LockTime / MaxLockTime
MaxLockTime=4YearsMaxLockTime = 4 Years

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